Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

21 June

Don't miss the closing ceremony of the 2024 Olympic Games at the Stade de France in Paris on August 11th!

You can buy tickets for the closing ceremony of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, which will take place on August 11 at the Stade de France, now. The Stade de France is the largest sports facility in France, located in Saint-Denis, a suburb of Paris. The stadium holds more than 80,000 spectators and is equipped with modern safety and comfort systems, which makes it an ideal venue for such large-scale events.

The closing ceremony of the 2024 Olympic Games promises to be an unforgettable event. The results of the competition will be summed up at the event, as well as the solemn transfer of the flag to the next host city of the Olympic Games. The program of the ceremony includes performances by famous artists, choreographic performances and light shows that will create a unique festive atmosphere.

For the convenience of the audience, various ticket categories are provided, including VIP seats with additional privileges. You can buy tickets through our website, which guarantees the safety and simplicity of the process. We provide high quality service and offer favorable conditions for all categories of viewers.

The ceremony will be attended by athletes, representatives of international sports federations and officials. The presence of many famous personalities is expected, which adds special significance to the event. The closing ceremony will be the culmination of the Olympic Games, symbolizing unity and friendship between peoples.

Do not miss the opportunity to become a part of this grand event. You can buy tickets for the closing ceremony of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris right now using our website. We guarantee the convenience and safety of your purchase so that you can fully enjoy this unforgettable event.

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11 April 2023

Don't miss your chance to immerse yourself in Olympic magic! Tickets for the Closing Ceremony of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris are on sale now!

Are you ready to experience the sensations that only real fans experience? Meet the best athletes in the world at the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics in Paris on August 11, 2024!

11 April 2023

Paris is gearing up for the biggest sporting event ever!

Summer Olympic Games 2024 is the most anticipated event in the world of sports! And very soon, namely on July 26, 2024, the majestic Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games will be held in the cultural capital of the world - Paris!

13 July 2023

Sailing participants started testing the route

From 9 to 16 July, Marseille is hosting a test event where participants in the 2024 Olympic Games will be able to test their strength on the route.

6 August 2023

2024 Olympic torch design unveiled

A mock-up of a steel torch appeared on the website of the organizing committee of the 2024 Olympic Games.

4 September 2023

Thomas Bach about participation in the Olympics of Russians

The President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is calling for the admission of Russian athletes who do not publicly support the CBO to compete.

2 October 2023

Russian Paralympians will perform at the 2024 Olympics

The International Paralympic Committee allowed Russian athletes to participate in the Olympic Games, but in a neutral status.

12 November 2023

Russian rowers are preparing for the Olympic season

President of the Russian Rowing Federation Alexey Svirin said that in light of the current situation around the upcoming Olympic Games.

19 December 2023

The IOC is delaying the decision on the participation of Russian athletes in the 2024 Olympic Games

The qualification trials for participants in the upcoming Olympics have already started, and our athletes in some sports will not have time to pass due to the uncertainty of the International Olympic Committee.

30 January

Russian athletes will not take part in the 2024 Olympics

This is the official position of the Russian Olympic Committee, but it does not exclude the participation of individual Russian athletes who, at their own request, can go to Paris for the Summer Olympic Games and compete there under a neutral flag.

4 March

Models of Olympic Games medals with Eiffel Tower particles were presented in Paris

The set of medals, consisting of gold, silver and bronze awards, was presented by the head of the Paris 2024 organizing committee, Tony Estanguet. Each of the relics will contain 18 grams of iron from the Eiffel Tower structure.

Upcoming events

Fr, 08:00 PM
Seine Olimpique

2024 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Paris is preparing for the opening of the Olympic Games on July 26, 2024 at 12:00. This will be a historic moment for France.

0+Olympics 2024
Seine Olimpique
Su, 08:00 PM
Stade de France

Closing ceremony of the 2024 Olympic Games

Paris is preparing for a spectacular show at the 2024 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony, which will be held on August 11 at 12:00.

0+Olympics 2024
Stade de France
Sa, 11:00 AM
Bercy Arena

GAR01 Artistic gymnastics, M

Men's qualification

0+Artistic Gymnastics
Bercy Arena
Sa, 03:30 PM
Bercy Arena

GAR02 Artistic gymnastics, M

Men's qualification

0+Artistic Gymnastics
Bercy Arena